The Norm – Coming Mar. 2019

Thee Hef 2019 Releases, Album, Experimental, Progressive, Rock

The Norm is a fantastic collection of songs with guitars tuned in fifths, with a sound as raw as the concept of the album itself. In 2001 Les Heifner was dealing with a sophisticated problem. As Les confesses in the liner notes, “compounding my issues was an entirely unavoidable difficulty. I was in my early twenties. This was not my choice. My whole life turned around 3 or 4 times that year. These songs were written during these turnarounds.”

Written across the state of Texas in 2001, before the events of 9/11 and before being flooded out of his residence in November of that same year, The Norm is finally recorded and ready for release in the coming month.

Here are some sneak peeks of the project before release: