2019 Coming Soon - Switch

Switch – Coming Feb. 2019

Thee Hef 2019 Releases, Album, Experimental, Progressive, Rock

In 1999, Les Heifner had a vision for a band and a debut album for that band. While inevitable circumstances prevented the actualization of the project, the music lived on as crude demos for years. Starting in 2015 Les began re-recording the songs and digging back into the lyrical archive to confirm the original vision for the project.

As stated in the liner notes, “What you have with this 2019 release of ’Switch’ is a delayed version of what usually happens in a rock record. You write the songs, make the demos, make the record and then release it. I’ve just had a 20 year pause between the demos and the rest.”

Switch is the first in many newly recorded albums being released in 2019.

Check out a sneak peek of some of the work going on for the Switch album before its release: