Les Heifner 2019 Releases, Album, Experimental, Recording, Twenty and Seventeen

After my last entry, I recorded the majority of a new project called ‘Twenty and Seventeen.” This is the way it works, when it works. From the first note to the last, this record basically recorded itself. The idea was to create a record with heavy synthesizers, deep synth bass, supportive guitars, and two separate sets of drums. Essentially, it’s a drum machine on the left, and an analog drum kit on the right. 

Recording began as ideas began to arrive on December 17th 2017, and most of the material was conceived within 10 days. One song after another, presented itself in clear, opportune bursts. You learn to take advantage of these if you know what’s good for you. They’re rare, and game-changing. Otherwise these kind of creative opportunities float by in their tempting, distracting manner, before evaporating forever.

The remainder of recorded material will occur arbitrarily in January of 2018. Vocals are last. The majority of the lyrics are written, but I don’t event remember what they’re about, if they’re indeed about anything.