Les Heifner - Switch (2000)


01 Running Low - 3:55
02 Take Me Away - 3:21
03 Why - 2:49 
04 Illumination - 3:39
05 The Blanco River- 3:02
06 goin crackers - 2:19
07 Circulation at Night - 1:47 
08 Conquistadors - 2:24
09 Moving Around - 3:25
10 Revealed in the country - 6:16 
11 The Sound of Nothing - 4:44
12 Tearing Branches - 4:51
13 Whisper - 4:53
14 The Olsen Twins - 2:30


Between Floods twists and turns through wild rock songs and chilling instrumentals to bring you a sneak peek at the level to which Heifner is willing to go to get across his musical points. Between Floods is a next step in many.

Recorded in San Antonio, Texas at Studio 1927 from Mid-2017 to Early-2019

LH - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Drums

Music, Lyrics, Concept and Artwork by LH

©2019 Les Heifner


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Sometimes an environment can provide some extra push to get through to the next section of the song or the next song. There was an old, not so lovely but cozy concrete house on River Road in San Marcos, Texas. I had moved in around November 1st, 2001, which gave me exactly two weeks to get some ideas down. November of 2001 brought historic flooding to the area, and I became homeless on November 15th.

We'd spend the night at Motel 6, with my roommate's family or with other friends. Often I'd just brave the cold and stay at the house. Using a single orange extension cable from the home next door, I'd plug up a desk lamp, a space heater, and my monstrous (for 2002) computer. Often I'd volunteer to stay at the house alone, while my roommate David stayed elsewhere. This allowed me time and room to get some of these tracks right. Once the trailer he purchased with FEMA money arrived, I moved back and forth between the trailer and the house to write and record these tracks' demos. I remember being really low on energy and purposely saving energy throughout the day to get it right in nighttime recordings. Some of these tracks were in the works well before the Blanco River charged its way up into that concrete house at 2104 River Road.

Little did I know, another flood was coming in June of 2002, which would permanently knock us out of that house. Eventually, I'd end up putting my music on hold, more or less, until early Summer of 2003 when I moved into an apartment on the square in San Marcos, Texas. I met Artist/Bassist Bret Nix, Drummer Jim Watson and I already knew Bassist Todd Landrum. In fact, Todd contributed vocals to the original demo of Running Low.

In some of these tracks, one can hear that the days of Holding 1 were coming. The family who owned the property in San Marcos had the concrete house demolished eventually. Those "historic" floods that affected so many of us in Central Texas at the time were just beginning. So this album, originally titled "Before the Flood," during the demo process, is justifiably changed to a more appropriate title, Between Floods.

This album is quite eclectic compared to the previous two. While I had last sworn off any type of guitar lick that could be considered "blues," I began to allow variations of these licks while maintaining a level of overall separation from blues music. "Whisper" is the first released track of mine to exclude guitar altogether. "The Olsen Twins" comes from a moment of having just woken up and seeing these girls on television. I felt an overwhelming need to say something on their behalf, as it immediately became apparent that they may not have had much control over their lives at the time. I had no idea where the Olsen twins would end up in life.