01 Access
02 Dank
03 Upper Level Low
04 Trouble In The North
05 Missed Appointment
06 Window Crack
07 Take Turns
08 Pay to Play
09 Titan
10 Fever Steady
11 Hades With Plants
12 Crawl, Walk, Crawl, Walk
13 Alba, 10ish, 05.02.15



Started in 2015, finished in 2019, Where Are We asks questions that few albums dare to answer. Whether this particular musical creation answered to your liking is to be discovered. 

Recorded in San Antonio, Texas at Studio 1927 and Alba, Texas from 2015-2019

LH - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Samples

Lyrics, Music, Concept and Artwork by LH

Production by Thee Hef

© 2015-2019 Les Heifner


Album NOtes

In a continuation of exploring new musical ground with updated gear, Where Are We asks the question, where are we? Well? I wasn't quite sure at the time. I was getting used to a newly settled life with some stability for the first time in ages. The anxiety and nervousness, perhaps shellshock from the previous 4 years is creeping through constantly in each song.

These tracks came through with no issues whatsoever. Most were conceieved and recorded within two hours of beginning the track. I love it when this happens. Back to getting things done, no-nonsense, no messing around.

The final track, Alba, 10ish, 05.02.15 is an ambient track I drunkenly engineered on that evening using a Yeti mic and my laptop. One can truly hear what it would have been like to rest there on the porch at around 10pm.

Besides from being rather all over the place musically, Where Are We does exactly what I didn't want it to do, which is answer any questions as to where we are, because the answer to that question is always changing.

- LH
January, 2019

Special Thanks to Dad, Lisa, The Bonners and Mr. Nix.