01 Villainous Martyrs 3:34
02 Too Much Talking 4:22
03 The Minds of Planets 3:01
04 The Minds of London 1:43
05 The Minds of Political Leaders 5:34
06 Offensive Customs 2:24
07 Interdependent Noise Depression 2:30
08 The Posture 5:10
09 Employee 6079 4:39
10 Ms. Julia 2:53
11 Racks One Zero and Ten 3:44
12 Survival or Death 3:41



Soaring guitars swell in and out to create an orchestral, nuanced stream of musical paranoia and love. Recorded in just two sessions, The Thought Police is now remastered and re-released. 

Recorded in Frisco, Texas on November 15th and 18th, 2000.

LH - Guitars

Music, Artwork by LH

Production by Thee Hef

© 2000-2019 Les Heifner

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Album NOtes

Everything on this recording was improvised on the guitar during November 15th and 18th, 2000 in Frisco, Texas. The process of making this, the first album of music I could justifiably call ambient, was absolutely joyful. While I have very small recollection of the actual recording process itself, the greater realization that I, personally, could sit down in a matter of days and create a record from scratch with the modest amount of equipment I had, is what I recall the most.

Self-released on CD in December of 2000, I was immediately being told by those who I trusted at the time that this was probably the best music I had created to date. They were probably right. While the equipment was modest and the means of recording by no means ideal, these tracks remain deeply personal and gratifying to hear as a whole, years later.

Perhaps I do owe listeners an explanation when it comes to the meaning of the album. When I recorded this record at age 21, I was inspired by some reading materials to create an initial concept for this record. That concept has been dropped, and the track titles have been changed to avoid legal troubles with a certain estate who does well to defend copyright. The inspired 21 year-old musician is less likely understand why it would be a problem, since the title of the album was not the title of the reading materials. In this case, the older, wiser (relatively, anyway) musician can come along and fix the situation after the fact, when the album is remastered and ready for release.

Regardless of album and track titles, this record always feels like it could be the soundtrack to something. Perhaps now that it's back in circulation, these tracks could dress for different occassions.  

- LH
January, 2019

Special Thanks to GO., Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Tara.


Have a random listen to some working tracks, interspursed with already released tracks. This Playlist changes from time to time.