01 Under Hopkins Street - 1:27
02 Another Observation - 5:37
03 The Postage - 5:12
04 Separate Plains - 2:36
05 The First Cold Day - 7:12
06 Under Water - 2:41
07 Ain Empty Grocery Store - 5:16
08 Thousands of Feet in the Air - 3:02
09 Outside the House - 2:59
10 That Place - 1:17
11 Over Hopkins Street - 1:41



A collection of ambient pieces collected over the course of a few years. Residual I has an ambient focus and a refined flow to it, despite being a compilation. 

Recorded in Frisco, Mesquite, Dallas and San Marcos, Texas from 2000-2003.

LH - Guitars, Synthesizers, Samples

Music, Concept and Artwork by LH

Production by Thee Hef

© 2003-2019 Les Heifner

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Album NOtes

Residual I was the first in a series of ongoing ambient tracks without a home. The title brings with it the implication that these are leftovers. Essentially, they are the ambient pieces I wrote while I was writing other music. Organizationally, they’re set aside. This is the first set of Residuals. We could speak of these tracks as being residual in the creative sense as well. Since they didn’t fit where (and when) they were recorded, these tracks have come together as orphans, having to fit together and get along as if they were intentionally written and recorded in this order.

Alternatively, we have 11 songs which were recorded in different places, at different times, during different situations, yet they come together quite nicely as a warm, delicate (yet never quite on the brink of being forceful,) deluge. These tracks bring about many specific bizarre and scattered memories, none of which are necessary here. You have your own memories you can bring about with these notes and melodies.

2010 saw the release Residual II, the second in a series of previously unreleased ambient tracks.

January, 2019

Special Thanks to Bret, Paul, Mike and the Square Rats.


Have a random listen to some working tracks, interspursed with already released tracks. This Playlist changes from time to time.