01 Population 1
02 Handle & Frame
03 Nice Helmet
04 Ball & Chain
05 Helman Shermsley
06 Boots & Buckles
07 Tostesterone
08 Purgatory Creek
09 Gone For Now
10 Sherman Hemsley
11 Originating
12 Staubach’s Friend
13 Thought Crime



The band Holding 1 was active from 2003 to 2007, with LH at the helm of vocals, guitar and songwriting. These songs in particular were presented to the band in 2003 and 2004. Here they're presented in their original demo configuration, but re-recorded in a proper setting with proper attention.

Recorded in San Antonio, Texas at Studio 1927 from 2015 to 2019.

LH - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums

Lyrics, Music, Concept and Artwork by LH
Lyrics on Originating by LH and Bret Nix

Production by Thee Hef

© 2004-2019 Les Heifner


Album NOtes

Firstly, I'd like to make clear that this album isn't Les Heifner doing cover songs of Holding 1. It's weirder than that. Not all of these songs are Holding 1 songs, and there are surprises lurking in the ones that are. The band was more than the sum of its parts, and definitely more than me. That being said, the demos always told a slightly different tale than the (usually) well-rehearsed performances of Holding 1. As with all my previous creative efforts, these tracks were born of improvisation, sitting at the computer. I'd crank out the demos and take them to the band for approval or disapproval. Some songs were met with instant approval, some with slower approval. I was writing for the band and I was happy they would have anything to do with that. Fun times. Playing with Holding 1 was a highlight of my life.

Back to my point, one person, improvising demos at the computer provides a much narrower scope of creativity than 3 to 5 guys who have been playing the same songs daily, for months on end. As a musician I've always been fascinated with how songs change over time. It's so neat to hear the stripped down raw versions, or the directions the band didn't go for natural or intentional reasons. So this release honors that tradition. The irony is that I've rerecorded the demos that I presented to the band so many years ago. I'm going the whole hog and the postage with this album releasing binge. In my opinion, these versions of these songs deserve a release.

Again, not all of these songs were taken in by the band. Boots & Buckles was the result of a collaboration between Bret Nix and myself, before his full time membership in Holding 1. Tostesterone was definitely written for Holding 1, but not used. Purgatory Creek and Gone For Now were tracks that I don't remember presenting for consideration. Originating was also a collaboration with Bret Nix. I'll never forget passing the notebook back and forth on the lyrics, sometimes line after line. I was always rather sad that Bret and myself didn't record more back in those days. Luckily, some ten years after we first started playing together in Holding 1, Bret and I started The Falk, another powerhouse of a project. So there are hints of The Falk dating back all the way to those days.

To release these tracks as they were originally conceived in no way undermines the power in which those songs were performed in Holding 1. Perhaps this record can shed some light on my weaknesses as a multi-instrumentalist and a single-minded songwriter. Regardless, I hope these songs are at least one-third, one-fourth or one-fifth as enjoyable to listen to as Holding 1 was. Perhaps one day Holding 1's full catalog can be released.

- LH
January, 2019

Special Thanks to Jim, Todd, Erik and Bret.