01 Already Failed
02 Linus
03 Late June
04 Your Debt
05 Social End Game
06 Hope You Lose
07 Wake Up
08 Third of April
09 Not Invited
10 To Tell You
11 It’s Shairore
12 Dislike
13 Undercast
14 Empty Halls
15 Different Town
16 Hide It All



Some ten years after beginning the project, Aesthetics is finished in 2019. It's a truly focused effort on songwriting, with lots of tributes being played in the creation of the music. 

Recorded in Seattle, Washington in 2009 and in San Antonio, Texas at Studio 1927 from 2017-2019

LH - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Samples

Lyrics, Music, Concept and Artwork by LH

Production by Thee Hef

© 2009-2019 Les Heifner


Album NOtes

Many thoughts and actions go into a record. In the case of this record, most thoughts and actions were put on hold for about 8 years. I somehow managed to keep the files in their original recording format from 2009, and be able to open them and edit them again in 2017. The rebirth of these tracks was attempted several times over the past 7 years. The spring of 2017 presented itself as the best time to go through such works.

Rest assured, you’re hearing this record in the best case scenario from what I imagined in 2009. I was living in Newcastle, Washington, working long days and spending a lot of time commuting. The pressure was on in my mind to make a great record. Not realizing that my time in Newcastle was limited, I continued to write music on a large, bulky PC. Luckily I had a good external drive that would last me long enough to the next one for a safe transfer.

I was quite happy knowing that I had this material to mix when the time was right, but I stopped using a PC back in 2013. I went Apple all the way and have been there for the last 4 years. In 2015 I committed to the idea of rerecording this music from scratch just to finish the record. That proved to be too much of a task.

In April of 2017, I finally picked this project back up. It contains the whole group of songs I knew that I wanted to be on the record. But it includes much more that I didn’t even realize existed until my 2017 research back into this hard drive. Much of it is abrasive, and in your face, to a fault. Much of it is about as chilled out as one can get. Some of it is just stupid. I’ve got angry songs about my old boss taking various forms.

This album is me in a place married with comfort and anxiety. It’s me in a state of “what am I even going for musically?” I go back and forth from indie pop tracks to weird modern prog psychedelic overtones. I’m all over the place. I just knew I needed to create. This is what came out. And with the exceptions of a few songs, I stayed quiet for another 3-4 years, which is a long fucking time, before I started getting really musical again. That’s why this stuff deserves some attention. It’s when I got busy with it. I just happened to stop in late 2009.

This was basically the last music I wrote in Seattle before moving back to Texas in January of 2010.

- LH
January, 2019

Special Thanks to Curtis, Cheryl, Sally, Kevin, The Cyclops and the PSP crew of 2008/2009.