Leslie Glen Heifner (born April 29, 1979) is an American rock multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and ambient musician who has worked with Holding 1, 99 Names of God and The Falk. He is also a solo artist. Born in Garland, Texas, Heifner first began performing with a group called Conspiracy from 1995-1997, and from there began playing with blues musicians in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Becoming frustrated with the “limitations of blues,” Heifner took a 6 month break from playing the guitar and “relearned the guitar without playing blues.” In 2000, he briefly joined the group 99 Names of God with Kris Swenson and Mark Cook as a live guitarist. Heifner wrote what would end up being his first solo record, Switch, around that time, and continued writing solo material up until 2010. There was then a 4 year break in writing before forming The Falk with artist and former Holding 1 member, Bret Nix.


Les Heifner identifies his music as being born of two types: ambient and rock. His ambient tracks are recorded with guitar and keys. The rock songs are digital/analog drums, bass, guitar, keys, vocals, etc. Heifner has said his songwriting often takes the form of making several improvised pieces into a track. “I’ll decide on a tempo, and from there it’s whatever the hands provide. I trust the hands. After the first parts are recorded it’s time for more improvisation over the top of the previously improvised parts. In the end, you have a song. Then lyrics are written and I improvise the vocal take.” Les uses various tunings besides the Old Standard tuning and New Standard tuning on the guitar and bass guitar. This gives the playing more range and creative opportunity.

Les makes himself available for session recordings from all over the world.


In 2018, with some 30 albums worth of material sitting around with no master recordings, Heifner decided to rerecord most of the material from 1999 to the present in official, non-demo form. While there were various solo releases between 1997 and 2010, Les has abandoned those releases in favor of the newer recordings for quality control purposes. These albums are now being released on all major streaming platforms, worldwide.