A Reintroduction

Les Heifner Announcement, General News

My name is Les Heifner, and I spend my time working, writing, waiting, reading, recording, running and resting. That’s all anyone out there needs to know. I have enough difficulty trying to think of something interesting to say to a co-worker on any occasion, let alone everyone I could connect with online, on a daily basis for months on end. Perhaps this will change at some point. For the present moment I’m going to refrain from using most social media, unless I’m talking about music. The exception is this page. 

Around 20 years ago I was getting my first full doses of the internet. Simultaneously the internet was getting its first lousy doses of me. It was so much different then. I spent the better part of the last 20 years online. Somewhat recently, I brought this to an abrupt end. Projecting my personal life online doesn’t serve me personally. But creating an archive of my life’s musical work is an acceptable task for the moment. 

Over the course of this same 20 years, I’ve written and recorded a large, perhaps unreasonable amount of music. A recent estimate puts the total time of my recorded materials at somewhere near 400 hours. It would take 20 more years to do a heroic job cutting and mastering all of this material, and I’d rather be making more music. Occasionally, throughout the process of remastering and playback, the mental/emotional/physical lightning bolt that is the creative process will strike. I’ve been letting that happen.

The archival process is taking years, with an hour here or there dedicated to the task. Until I’m finished with this archival process, I’m keeping new writing and recording to a minimum. 

That’s what’s going on with me.

Les Heifner
October 2017