The Norm is Released

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We’re well into March, which means the two albums The Norm and Between Floods are about to be released! Stand by, as we expect it to be another weeklong rollout. But as usual, you’ll hear them here first.

The Norm: An album of cranked up rock from a person who had never used an an alternative tuning before. Originally envisioned as a pop rock album, ‘The Norm’ defies that notion in full form, while providing tracks that are both accessible and mathy. (UPDATE: THE NORM IS RELEASED!)

Between Floods: Between a beginning and end are many beginnings and ends, as is the case with this almost psychodelic record, Between Floods. Moving from the progressive, math-rock sound of The Norm to a more relaxed rock environment. Hmmm. Not really. (UPDATE: BETWEEN FLOODS IS RELEASED)