2019 Releases

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Les Heifner began writing and recording music back in the early 1990’s, but it wasn’t until 1999 that something changed, and the music matured. Since 1999, demos were recorded almost every year until 2010, when Les moved back to Texas from Seattle, Washington. There was a 4 year break, and in 2014, he began writing again, just as profusely as before.

Getting Back Lost Music

Most original multitrack recordings of those demos were lost in late 2007. Originally, the intent was to have multitrack, editable recordings of the demos that had been lost. So in the past 3-4 years Les has been gradually recording the records that were envisioned with each set of demos going back to 1997. Not everything has made the cut, but songs and albums thought to be to best out of the archive have been re-recorded and prepared for global release.

An Ambitious, Hazardous Undertaking

The overall goal is the release of some 20 individual, new albums in the year 2019. Seven ambient albums from the Les Heifner archives will be released this year, remastered, and then two new ambient albums will be introduced. In addition, an entirely new album, currently unfinished, will be released, bringing the number of planned releases for the year up to 30.

Stay tuned to social media and this website for more information.