PhotoS: Paul Galland, DAVID WISIAN

Les Heifner is a multi-instrumentalist currently operating out of San Antonio, Texas. In the past he's been in groups such as Switch, L.S.D., Conspiracy, 99 Names of God, and Holding 1. Les is is currently a member of The Falk.

"It's a priviledge to share the music that I've been writing for the last 20 years. I hope that it finds an audience who can enjoy its twists and turns as much as I do. The creative act continues." - LH

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2019 Album Releases

Les is releasing many albums throughout 2019. This will be a big year for a catalog 20 years in the making. Recorded recently, think of it as a story, 20 years in the making, being FULLY told for the first time. The Fourth rock album is about to be released. move it away is coming soon! watch this space.

SWITCH (Available Now)

Les Heifner - Switch (2019)

THE NORM (Available Now)

Les Heifner - The Norm (2019)

BETWEEN FLOODS (Available Now)

Les Heifner - Between Floods (2019)

MOVE IT AWAY (Coming Soon)

Les Heifner - Move It Away (2019)

Some Random Tracks